My Experience With Fashion Nova

I have recently become a huge subscriber to the idea of shopping at Fashion Nova. I first ordered from them on Black Friday of 2018 to see if they were worth all the hype after seeing their name all over Kylie Jenner’s social medias. As a plus size teen, I always find it hard to identify a store that sells my size AND has flattering, trendy clothes so, honestly, I was willing to give anything a shot.

When I got onto their website, the first thing that shocked me was how big their discount was. The sale on Black Friday was 40-90% off the entire store! I have done A LOT of online shopping in my life and NEVER have I ever seen a sale that gave shoppers more than 80% off!

So, as one does when there is a massive sale, I loaded my cart up with ten items, totaling my cost at around $275 for a pretty wide variety of items. I purchased a few shirts, three pairs of jeans, a three-piece set for NYE, and more! I felt like that would give me a good idea of the quality of their items.

 As a promotional event, they had promised free two-day shipping to customers who spent $70 or more and, having done so, I was to receive my items within the next 48 hours. Because 48 hours was so little time for an order as large as mine, I assumed that it would have arrived late. However, I was pleasantly surprised when it came on time! 

The other nice thing about Fashion Nova is that they give you a tracking number so that you know where your item is in the process at all times. During the two days that it took to ship my items, I was always aware of the exact location of my items and the estimated time of arrival. 

Once the items arrived, I booked it to my room to try them on and, of course, they all looked AMAZING. Some of the clothes were such throwback pieces that I would have had a hard time finding them anywhere else, including my Throwback High Rise Wide Leg Jeans and my Attention Seeking Fuzy Jacket (seen below). They made me feel so confident and, like the many other times I have worn Fashion Nova to school, I received compliments from almost everyone who saw them.

There are only a few down sides to ordering from Fashion Nova and, honestly, a lot of them are just general downsides of not being able to try on your order in store. 

With Fashion Nova’s plus sizes, there are a range of sizes that they claim could potentially fit into each size. For example, they say that a 3X could fit a 22 or a 24 waist. However, because you can’t try it on and you just have to trust their size chart, items can tend to not fit the exact way you were hoping.   

Another problem is that the clothes are specifically designed for women with smaller waists and larger butts. Though this isn’t a problem for my build, a slimmer, or less curvy girl may not fill them out properly.

My third concern with Fashion Nova is that I have ALWAYS had to size up. Before ordering from there, I watched a video review of their sizing and was told to size up, especially in jeans. That was easily the best advice I have ever received.

As mentioned before, I purchased my jeans in a size 3X, which should fit a waist size of 22-24. However, I wear a size 18 in jeans and would normally wear a 2X. Though I haven’t had to size up in other items, such as crop tops or sweaters, I DEFINITELY needed to size up in their denim. Even after sizing up, I found that it was tough to sit down in my jeans because they were a little tight.

Last, but not least, I have experienced problems with the shipping. Though I got my items super quickly after Black Friday, this hasn’t always been the case. A month or so after my first order, I ordered two more items from Fashion Nova and received free two day shipping. However, my items didn’t get to me until about two weeks later

When I called around day seven to ask why I had not received them yet, I was informed that, though the shipping would take two days, the processing of my order would take between 1-2 weeks. While this makes sense, I felt that it was poor communication on their part, and even a little manipulative. Customers get excited about receiving their items so soon, only to have them arrive 2 weeks later. 

Overall, I would give Fashion Nova a B+/A- score for their gorgeous clothes, regular updating of items, and great deals that last throughout the year. I would 100% recommend this website to ANYONE and honestly, you should go and check it out ASAP.

Please note that this review is NOT SPONSORED. I am not being paid, with money or other items, to give Fashion Nova a positive review. I will always fully disclose my relationship with any brands that I am reviewing. I’m a big advocate for transparency and I hope that it reflects in my writing!


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