Light Wash Is Back!

As I’m sure you guys have seen, the light wash denim trend is back and in full swing. This spring, switch it up a little by brightening up your wardrobe. Toss out your dark colored pants and trade them in for this newer, light wash trend!

One of the pros of light wash denim is that it’s a really cool way to keep your outfit casual while still making a statement. Especially during this time of year, when everyone else is wearing their dark winter coats, black leggings, and rain boots, light denim easily stands out in the crowd, making a lasting positive first impression on everyone who sees you.

It can also be a major mood booster. Wearing light blue has been proven to make you calmer and more creative while wearing black has proven to make people feel a little too serious.  Making this easy change in your wardrobe, from black leggings to light denim, could do wonders for your mood and even help those around you view you as a more positive, upbeat person.

If you are looking to strike a pose on a photoshoot, channel your inner writer for an essay, or even pick up a new hobby like painting, light washed denim jeans might be the simple solution to help you get that vibe going! The creativity that the color blue inspires can motivate you to revamp your room, switch up your wardrobe, or even start a blog– It worked for me 😉 !

Photo creds to my fav, @readbyroe, who took these photos for me ! Go check this babe and her blog out on insta! You are going to love her photography and her books ALMOST as much as I do!

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