Haute Swimwear Review

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OKAY…. Let the review begin!

About three months ago, I was searching for a cute bathing-suit company that actually sold sizes larger than a size large (which is so much harder than you would imagine) when I FINALLY found Haute Swimwear on Instagram. They had about 77 thousand followers and, from what I could tell, seemed pretty legit so I decided to try them out.

As always, I was looking for a way to make my purchase as cheap as possible (because duh) while also creating cool ways to include my blog in my fashion choices. At the time, Haute Swimwear was looking for ambassadors so I sent them a DM, told them I was interested, and waited to hear back from them.

I wasn’t waiting very long at all. Actually, I heard back from their team within a couple of hours and became an ambassador overnight.

I purchased four of their swimsuits, the Jemma one piece in green, the Priscilla set in taupe green, the Celia one piece in red, and the Bailey set in army green, to help me better evaluate the company.

I received my package of swimsuits about two weeks later and I have to say… the packaging is REALLY cute. All of my bathing suits came in one box but each were individually packaged in Haute Swimwear’s packaging (as seen below). This was a great first impression for me because, not only was I pleased by the aesthetically pleasing packaging, I was also happy that my suits all came together. It is a HUGE pet peeve of mine when different items from the same order arrive at different times.

When I opened up my swimsuits and tried them on, I noticed that, though they were super cute and made of a really nice fabric, they were also very true to size. If you are thinking to yourself “Well, I could squeeze into a medium”, you should probably be getting the large. As a plus size female with large hips and breasts, I was struggling to keep everything in place which brings me to my next point: if you have large breasts, this may not be the company for you.

By large, I mean larger than a D or a DD. I experienced most of my problems with these suits while trying to keep my breasts from popping out and found myself wishing more than once that I had a smaller chest.

However, once I got them on (and my breasts fully situated), I have to say that I was very pleased with the overall quality and consistency of the items. They fit my body well, came in a variety of colors and sizes, and gave me a surge of confidence when I put them on.

My only complaint will be that the Celia one piece was more coral than it was red. When I opened up the package, I saw a much more pink color than I was expecting and I had wished that the coloring if the suit would have been made more clear in the photos. It does seem to be a fire truck red in photos (including my photo) but is is a bit pink-y.

However, any problems that I had with the coloring of this suit were disregarded when I realized how comfortable it was. Because there is a decent amount of mesh on the design, the bathing-suit was quite stretchy and fit the same way the Jemma suit did despite the fact that I got the Celia one piece in a size XL and the Jemma one piece in an XXL.

I unfortunately didn’t get any photos in the Bailey set, however, the Priscilla set and the Bailey set fit the same way, were the same color, and were the same general style, so you can judge the Bailey set based on my review of the Priscilla set.

I was incredibly pleased with the Priscilla set when I was being photographed in it by my amazing friend @readbyroe and I would definitely recommend this suit to others. My only problem with it, as mentioned earlier, is that it doesn’t fit super well on women with extra large breasts. So if you happen to be one of those women, I would suggest sizing up to accommodate for your chest size. It isn’t that it the band was tight, nor was it uncomfortable. The real problem was that the cups were just a little too small to accommodate my large chest (Please keep in mind that I wear a 42F and that the cups would fit most women as long as you have “normal” sized breasts).

Out of the four suits that I tried on, my favorite was the Jemma one piece! It was beautiful, flattering to my figure, and could easily be worn by any woman of any size. The low plunge was a little hard to deal with because of my larger chest but it was SO WORTH IT!

I just felt so beautiful in this suit and, to be honest, I felt haute — hehe… see what I did there 😉

If you are willing to show a little skin or you are trying to push yourself to take more risks with your clothing, this suit gets two thumbs up from me!

Overall, I was very pleased with this company and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a cute summer suit!

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