Dream Weddings & What To Wear To Them As A Bridesmaid

Recently, my brother and his beautiful bride got married! It was easily one of the most beautiful weddings I had ever seen photographed and I had the greatest honor of being one of eight bridesmaids within it!

Being a plus sized woman, I often find it hard to dress for formal events because of the limitations on sizing. However, my sister-in-law was very accommodating and found a beautiful floor length wrap dress for me to wear that complimented my curvy figure so well and left me feeling confident all night long.

The dress was the Noelle Flutter Sleeve Satin Wrap Dress in the color Champagne Luxe from Show Me Your Mumu, a popular brand sold at Nordstrom. It’s an online exclusive dress that retails for $216 and comes in every size, from an XXS to a 3X. The dress is photographed on three different models on the website, two of which are plus sized, so you can get a pretty good idea of how it fits on different body types.

At first, I was very skeptical of the dress because it was relatively plain. Though it didn’t look bad on the model, it didn’t look stunning (which is how every girl wants to feel at a wedding). However, I kept my mouth shut and ordered the dress because that is just what you do when it isn’t your wedding.


The dress arrived, with free shipping may I add, and I was floored! I was, and still am, so in love with the soft satin fabric, the light champaign color, and the shape of the dress. The waistline was in just the right spot and gave me a curvy figure to die for. I kid you not when I say that THREE PEOPLE came up to me at the wedding and asked if I had ever considered modeling! Everyone was complementing me on my dress all night long and I could not stop the smile that was plastered on my face every time it happened!

I paired my dress with Vanilla Faux Leather Alysa Slingback Pumps from 14th & Union that I got from Nordstrom Rack. I loved these because they didn’t have a back to them. This was great because, without a back to the heel, there wasn’t a risk of me developing blisters. I also loved these because they were so versatile. I was able to wear them the next morning to easter brunch and again to easter dinner, which saved me money in the long run because I didn’t have to buy new shoes for the different outfits.

Having said all of this, I really wish that I had worn a different kind of shoe to the wedding. While the lower heel on these pumps decreased the amount of pain I was feeling in my feet, the thin heel didn’t help me out and I needed to sit down a few times throughout my 10 hour long bridesmaids duties. If you are doing an outdoor wedding like my brother and his wife did, you may also want to consider a thicker heel. My heel kept sinking into the grass and I was constantly yanking it out of the ground and narrowly avoiding falls because of it.

Tip #2: Wear a lower block heel to maximize comfort!

A style that I might recommend would be an open toed mule or a block heeled shoe. If you are going more casual, you could aim for a block heeled sandal which would provide comfort and style throughout the whole day and could be worn over and over again.

Tip #3: Bring a pair of shoes to change into after the ceremony!

If you are really set on a pair of shoes that you love that you know are going to be pain-inducing, bring a second pair of shoes to change into. This is super helpful after the ceremony when everyone is breaking out their moves on the dance floor. You won’t have to stop dancing during your favorite song because your feet hurt or avoid breaking it down because you are afraid of tripping in your heels.

Your comfy shoes can be ANYTHING. I bought a $6 pair of fluffy pink slip on sandals from a discount store and loved every minute of wearing them. They were so comfortable, easy to dance in, and I had a great night because of them.

Just remember that, no matter what you are wearing, your night will only be as amazing as you are confident. If you don’t feel beautiful and comfortable in what you are wearing, your night isn’t going to be as fun and enjoyable as it should be.

So I leave you with my most important tip.

Tip #4: Wear whatever makes you feel like the goddess you are! If you dress like a goddess and feel like a goddess, people will treat you like one!

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