Pantone Color Of The Year 2019: What To Expect

Pantone, a color matching institute, has been doing their “Color of the Year” for quite a few years now, giving us some insight into what is coming our way in fashion.

While the title “Color of the Year” makes it sound like that color is the most popular this year, the most trendy, ect, it isn’t. What it really means is that this is the color we will be seeing popularized in runways this year. You may ask, How are those things not the same?

Well, the thing about runway outfits is that they are designed to be new and cutting edge but, most importantly, they are designed to show people (usually other fashion companies) what kind of styles/ideas the hosting company is coming up with.

With companies like Patagonia, Eileen Fisher, Under The Canopy, Nau, and more, the “slow fashion” model used means that, instead of coming out with new styles each week based on changing trends, they only come out with new seasonal lines a few times each year. Because of this, the color of the year will influence their later line (such as their summer, fall, and winter lines) and not usually their spring ones.

We can intend to see a lot of these brands hopping on the color of the year trend with our new shade Living Coral, “a nurturing color that appears in our natural surroundings and at the same time, displays a lively presence within social media”.

This coral color is expected to be the highlight of the summer and it happens to work beautifully with two of the most popular colors right now: sunflower yellow and pastel blue.

So keep an eye out for those coral tones as they start to pop up on websites such as Fashion Nova, Zaful, ASOS, ect. so that you can be the one wearing all the trends before your friends even find out about them! I’m sure you will be spotting me in some coral inspired outfits this summer 😉 Keep an eye out for those posts if you need a little inspiration on how to wear this years “Color of the Year”!

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