A Picture Perfect Idol

Today, I had the opportunity to speak with one of the kindest, most genuine souls I have encountered so far during my time on this beautiful planet.

Mary Kate Smith, also known as @marykatesteele on Instagram, is a picture perfect idol with a southern soul and a smile for days. With being a dedicated mother, a talented photographer, and a loving partner, Mary Kate certainly has her hands full yet, that doesn’t stop her from projecting positivity wherever she goes.

While searching Instagram for interesting people to interview, I came across her wedding photography page and instantly fell in love with her green and white aesthetic. However, what I noticed first, before my brain even had time to process the amazing quality of her photos, were the smiles that were plastered across the faces of each and every subject in her photos. This might seem a little dumb to some people because, I mean, doesn’t everyone smile for photos? The difference here was that these smiles were all so real.

No posing for the camera. No fake laughs. Just… pure happiness.

Looking back on it now, this is probably because of the close bond that Mary Kate builds with all of her clients to ensure that, on their special day, they can have one less thing to worry about and trust that she will get every photo their hearts desire.

But getting close to her clients isn’t only beneficially for them, it is beneficial for her as well. Since her first job photographing weddings back in 2012, Mary Kate has learned a lot about love and what it takes to create a successful marriage. Time and time again, she hears the same pieces of advice come from the mouths of couples that have been together for 25+ years: Never go to bed angry, always say ‘I Love You’, kiss each other goodnight, and to communicate, communicate, COMMUNICATE!

Photographing other couples and their loved ones has given Mary Kate a unique perspective on what it means to love and be loved. And, with that perspective, she shares her lessons learned with all of us through every click of her camera lens. Sharing this love and these lessons with us, while working every day to capture the happiness of couples, makes her someone to be idolized.

So hats off to Mary Kate, the first of many idols to be recognized here on my blog for the happiness and love they bring to the world each and every day.

Mary Kate Smith, a mother, a photographer, an idol

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