What To Wear To A College Party?

*I would like to start off by saying that I realize the severity of the pandemic and I am not trying to make a statement on whether or not I agree or disagree with the current guidelines for social distancing. I am simply just writing this article because I’m aware that not all college students are social distancing and I wanted to create a guide for some of the incoming freshman who may or may not to choose to go out during quarantine. *

Unlike the parties in high school, parties in college, frat parties in particular, almost ALWAYS have a theme.

The three most popular themes are the 60’s, with all of the flower power and tie dye that you could imagine, the 70’s, an age of disco, and the 80’s, the decade of Queen, Madonna, and NEON.

So the real question is, “Are you really going to pack your suitcase full of decade themed clothes when you can bring so few clothes with you to your college dorm to begin with?”.

The answer is no. Don’t waste your time, money, or closet space on random decade themed costumes that you may or may not ever get the chance to wear.

Instead, follow my short list of quick tips and tricks and I PROMISE that you will have the perfect outfit for any college party.


This is the most important tip that I can offer when it comes to outfits for college parties. While all frat parties normally have some sort of theme, this doesn’t mean everyone follows the themes at every single party.

Neon Clothes Light Up Your Outfit & Draw A Lot Of Attention

When in doubt, you just want to be wearing the coolest outfit in the room.

In recent years, fraternities have started using black lights as well as strobe lights at every single party to give their house and their parties a cooler vibe. Packing neon assures that, even if the party isn’t themed, that you have an outfit that will stand out (in a really good way).

The black lights will pick up the neon color and make it POP, creating a super dope party outfit that will win you a ton of compliments throughout the entire night.

Also, neon is a major part of so many popular party themes. 80’s in Aspen, Neon Jungle, or even Area 51 (alien) themed parties rely on the glow that neon colored clothes have under backlights so having a couple neon tops in your closet should keep you covered for any last minute themed parties you want to attend.

*A good alternative to neon is white! Black lights pick up on white almost as well as they pick up on neon so, if you really can’t splurge on a few neon tops, just pack your white T-shirts and crop them for a more party-like vibe. This will also be helpful for white lie parties.*

Tip #2: Wear Something You Can Dance (& Sweat) In

Parties get really hot, really fast (and I am talking about temperature– just in case your minds were going somewhere else). You are in a room with 50-200 other college kids who are all grinding and jumping to the music, so the last thing you want to wear is something that you can’t sweat or dance in.

Denim shorts allow for a wide range of motion so you can drop it low and do cute poses with your besties

We all have that one super cute skirt that we love even though we have to keep pulling it down ever five seconds. This is NOT the skirt that you want to wear to college parties.

The night should be filled with dancing and laughing. If you have a favorite pair of jeans that make your butt look cute and you feel like you can dance in them, go for it and wear them! Having said that, you don’t want to swap out a short skirt with a pair of thick denim jeans that will definitely make you sweat and limit your range of motion.

When in doubt, play it safe and wear denim shorts. You can pair them with basically everything and you will always look cute!


Pair A Strapless Top With A Cute Skirt That You Are Confident You Can Dance In Comfortably For A Super Cute, College Ready, Party Look!

There are very few girls who wear full length shirts to parties. If you haven’t worn a lot of crop tops in the past, I definitely recommend investing in a few.

For one, crop tops are a huge trend and I, personally, don’t see that trend going away for a very long time. Another main reason to wear crop tops is the heat.

Like I mentioned earlier, parties get really freaking hot and wearing a full length shirt or a long sleeve shirt of any kind is going to make you super uncomfortable and want to leave the party early which is never any fun.

You, and your friends, will all be so upset if you have to bail on a party because one of you didn’t dress properly for the occasion.


So, while this isn’t an article of clothing, it may be one of the most important things on the list. The last thing you want to do is start dancing with a guy or girl that you really like and realize that you smell.

Even if you aren’t someone who sweats very often, you WILL be sweating during college parties. It is impossible not to when you are pressed into a small apartment, dorm room, or frat house with a hundred other people who are all moving to the beat of whatever EDM songs are playing for hours.

If you forget deodorant, you will very likely leave the party early. It is no fun when you can’t throw your hands in the air with the rest of your girlfriends when your favorite song comes on or you can’t dance with your crush because you don’t want them to think you are smelly and gross.


Tip #5: Put On Your Dancing Shoes

*Insert my favorite song by Arctic Monkeys* (If you don’t know who they are, you are missing out and you need to type “Dancing Shoes by Arctic Monkeys” into your search bar right now and listen to them)!

Wear closed toe shoes that you can comfortably dance in. This one is an easy one because fashion sneakers have become so popular in recent years.

The reason I say close toe shoes is because, at my first college party, I wore my Birkenstocks.

I go to college in Arizona so they have slowly become my favorite shoes ever. They slip on super easily and are literally the perfect shoe to toss on before walking to class. I wanted to be comfortable at the party so I tossed on a shoe that I thought I would be pain free in. However, just because you love a shoe, doesn’t mean that they are a good party shoe.

Long story short, I spent my entire night in pain, thinking that my feet were going to fall off, because the 100+ people who were there were all bouncing to the music… and bouncing on my feet.

With that many people in one room, it is inevitable that you are going to get stepped, or in my case, jumped on. Wear something that protects your toes so that you don’t go home with bruised feet the way I did.

Do not wear heels. College parties might be themed but they aren’t fancy. They are events thrown together last minute by a bunch of college kids who are hoping to get drunk and laid. Nothing special.

Your body is going to hurt enough after you have been dancing and drinking for hours on end. The last thing you want to do is add the unnecessary pain of heels to that hangover that you are undeniably going to have in the morning.

Finally, don’t wear a new shoe to a party. I recently just got a pair of Air Force 1 Jester XX sneakers and the very first time that I wore them was to a party. While sneakers are always a good bet, brand new shoes of any kind, sneakers or not, need to be broken in. By the end of the night, my AF1’s were covered in beer, vodka, and a little bit of wine, and my feet were covered in blisters.

Leather shoes need to be worn at least once before you go out in them to dance and party for 3+ hours or else you are going to come home in the same amount of pain that you would have if you had worn heels.

My personal recommendation would be this: wear your “used to be white” converse or vans that are a little worn down but are comfortable. These are a perfect go to because, in the likely event that you have a beer (or a dozen beers) spilled on you over the course of the night, you won’t be as upset as you would have been had you been wearing your brand new Air Force 1’s. At the end of the night, you can come home, toss your Converse or vans into the wash, and hop into bed without any worries (or blisters).

Tip #6: Pack Themed Accessories

While it would be a waste of closet space to pack a bunch of themed pants and tops that would never get worn, it would be worth your while to pack themed accessories.

You could wear ANYTHING to a party, even the white T-shirt and denim shorts that you wore to class, but if you had on a flower crown and some circular glasses, you would still appear to be matching the 60’s or 70’s theme.

Accessories don’t take up a lot of space in your bag when you are packing for college and can easily turn a basic outfit into a super cute themed one!

In the photo to the right, I wore a basic, black, cropped tank top that said Capulet on it from Forever 21 with leopard print bell bottoms and some cute, 70’s inspired accessories.

Had the outfit not had cheetah print, star earrings and neon orange shades, it wouldn’t have looked themed at all. But with a little help from these super cheap Forever 21 accessories, the outfit tied itself together and looked super cute and themed!

I received so many compliments and even had one of my besties borrow my glasses for the majority of the night to help her look a little more themed too!

*You can find similar shades at Forever 21 using this link*

Tip #7: Wear What Makes You Feel Like A Boss Babe

Confidence is the most attractive thing someone can bring to a party. If you are feeling great about yourself, you are going to have an EXPONENTIALLY better time at the party.

Parties aren’t just about the hooking up or the drinking. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that.

Parties are a time to dance with your best gal pals, meet new friends, and have fun. It might sound cliche, but parties are a scheduled time to live your life. Laugh your ass off, love with your heart wide open, and maybe drink a beer while your at it (cause a little liquid confidence never hurt anybody).

If you feel good in the clothes you are wearing, you are going to spend the night living. You won’t be worried about meeting new people, you won’t be thinking about what others think of you, and you will just be happy, alive, and free, even if for only a few hours.

If you take away anything from this blog post, make it this:

Look Great, Feel Great, Be Great.

Nothing Can Stop A Boss Babe Who Knows She Looks Like A Baddie.

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